Since the introduction of UMTS mobile radio technology and the subsequent development of mobile phone technology to the smartphones and tablet PCs that are so popular today, Casino Online has   also found its way into this technology. As the advertising promises, you are no longer dependent on a PC or laptop when you play online casino and can play games anywhere.

How does an online casino work on a mobile device

Any mobile device can run programs that have been programmed with the Java programming language. The Java basic system is therefore built into every mobile device. Therefore, more and more online casinos are starting to design and offer their casino software as a Java version. But as well as the Java platform is well developed, the graphics of these casino games are quite simple and are limited to the essentials. Depending on the model of the mobile device, this can sometimes not look tingly.

How safe is it to play in the online casino from a mobile phone

Here we come to an as yet unsolved problem when playing online casinos with a mobile phone. In the cellular area there is still no encrypted transmission, such as B. SSL-128. The radio signals can also be heard from a long distance. So it is very easy to get to the account login in an online casino and to find out the bank and credit card details of a player and maybe clear the existing player credit.

What do the online casinos do for security

So far, actually very little. Some leave it e.g. For example, you do not allow financial transactions to be carried out with the online casino via your mobile phone. Others offer a kind of double player account, whereby the mobile player account should not contain any information on bank and credit card details. Only the results of the games made and any winnings and losses are recorded here, which are then transferred to the normal online casino account in an internal secure process.

Playing with the online mobile casinos is certainly a new and profitable trend for the online gambling industry. However, there is still a lot of pioneering work to be done in this area with regard to graphic display and data security. On the other hand, there is also a great risk that even more people can become addicted to gambling. The online casino is always just a push of a button away from your hand.

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