Bingo nicknames are one of the most entertaining parts of the game. They were introduced because sometimes players who sit far away from the caller in a traditional bingo hall can’t hear properly what number is being drawn – check out Umbingo.

The nicknames, therefore, help players tell apart the numbers that from the distance can sound similar. Some of them reflect on the number’s shape, others rhyme or feature cultural references. Some nicknames, however, can be rude and dirty. Below you can find out everything about them.

Examples of dirty bingo calls

Here you can find the list of some examples of the dirty bingo nicknames with numbers they represent:

  • 8 – Sexy Kate (8)
  • 19 – Keep ‘em keen (19)
  • 20 – Getting plenty (20)
  • 21 – Adult fun (21)
  • 34 – Flirty whore (34)
  • 66 – Kinky tricks (66)
  • 69 -Your place or mine? (69)

These represent some dirty calls that have been used during bingo games before.

Reasons for using dirty calls

Dirty calls are not used in every single bingo game. Nevertheless, sometimes bingo halls try to make the game more entertaining. Dirty calls make the players laugh and enjoy the game even more. They also make the game more creative. When players hear funny rhymes like that they often try to come up with their own nicknames and the game becomes more immersive.

Moreover, using dirty calls sometimes serves to attract a younger audience. Many young people still believe bingo is a game for ‘old people’ but when they play a version with dirty calls, they realise bingo can be fun for everyone.

Is it appropriate to use dirty calls?

Before using dirty calls, it is important to make sure the audience won’t get offended. If there are many children or elderly people in the room, it might be a better idea to stick to the traditional nicknames. Nevertheless, if the audience is made up of young adults, dirty nicknames are a great way to get their attention and keep them interested in the game.

It is also important to make sure players will know which number the nickname represents. In order to avoid confusion, rhymes have to refer to dirty phrases known to everyone.

Are dirty calls always the same?

In fact, there is no set list of dirty bingo calls. Standard bingo calls are not normally rude as bingo was invented as a game suitable for players of all ages. The number 88 is referred to as ‘two fat ladies’, but that’s the only traditional nickname that can be seen as slightly offensive.

Dirty calls were introduced by Butlins and Ann Summers, but anyone can come up with one. If the nickname is catchy and funny it might become commonly used. Sometimes bingo halls borrow dirty calls used by other companies and change them slightly. Online bingo sites don’t normally feature rude bingo calls as they are used by players from all walks of life and it is impossible to tell how each of them would react.

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