Selecting a casino to play on while online is a straightforward process that most gamblers should be aware of but they aren’t. This is a skeleton guide to help beginners and intermediate gamblers select new online casino when playing from Poland. These five factors will help guide you in choosing a reliable online casino that will offer you all the best wins, deals and bonuses. Here are the five factors you should consider when selecting a casino in Poland:

Registration License

The first thing you need to consider is if the online casino is registered with the appropriate authorities. There are many illegal casinos that operate online without the required licenses to do so. Some of these casinos are used for scams and other illegal activity that you should beware of. Visit the official website of the registration body for your region to get a comprehensive list of registered casinos.

Available games

Some online casinos have more gaming options than others. It is best to find one with a wide range of playable games rather than a casino with a limited scope. You should also research the reward ratios of the slot machines and other available stats that will help you determine who has the best odds for you. Do not also forget to check the creators of the games you will play as you need to authenticate that they are from trusted software providers.


This is a deal-breaker that will help you to determine how much you win. Many sites offer different kinds of bonuses to their users although some are juicier than others. Research various bonuses across different available sites before you settle on the website for you. Use comparison sites and visit the sites directly to get direct information.

Site Security

If you will be putting up your payment information and other personal details on a website, you should be concerned about their encryption. Ensure you check the strength of the site’s security before you enter any personal information on the website. This will protect you from hacks or other data breaches that may occur on poorly protected websites.

Customer Support

The extent of customer support determines how much customers will be satisfied. When you are using these gambling platforms, you may encounter problems and you will need the issue resolved as quickly as possible. Some gambling sites offer 24/7 support while others run set hours (9-5, 7-3. 8-4) or exclude weekend live support. Pick a support system you can work with to prevent yourself from running into problems in the future.


When trying to select a gaming website, you should ensure that the site you have chosen ticks all these boxes before you settle. It is always better to compare the services each of your preferred platforms offer and choose the best alternative. You should always remember that gambling is an activity that you should enjoy and it is important to find a website that will help you maximise your gains.

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