ICC champions tournament is itself like an event filling enthusiasm among cricket fans throughout the year. Only eight bowlers ever hit a fifer in ICC Champions Trophy matches, hence it is deemed a notable accomplishment. The spectators have indeed seen some extravagant matches, but along with that, some brilliant sizzling bowling performances too. One can also come across ICC champions trophy breaking news to know the recent updates about the cricket tournament.

Well, these tournaments alone in the world have acquired a tonne of cricket skill throughout the years, but their pace and fast bowlers, in general, have been among the best in the world.

  • Hasan Ali:-

Without question, Pakistani player Hasan Ali was the 2017 Champions Trophy’s top bowler. He was a kind of a player who used to play roughly. Ali was a critical factor in Pakistan’s victory, taking 13 wickets in 5 games. Hasan played his debut match of all formats in 2016, following the international debut match in 2017. After that, he gained such instant fame that he got picked up for ICC Champions trophy. He was a magnificent bowler in the series that led the country to victory after hitting thirteen wickets on and on. Several records were named after him:-

-Fastest bowler to strike 50 wickets in One Day Internationals

-PCB, i.e. Pakistan Central Board, offered a 2018 to 2019 season contract to 33 players, in which Hasan was one of them.

-For organising Pakistan’s remarkable comeback in the 2017 Champions Trophy, which they won after being utterly humiliated in their initial league game, he received granted the competition’s Man of the Match award.

  • Josh Hazlewood:-

You all must have heard the mindblowing stories of Glenn McGrath. Well, it would be entirely accurate to state Josh as the successor of the glory. Like Glenn’s style, he intends to bring speed rather than a raw pace with a smooth run on the crease. He is one of the fastest pacers known for his team. His talent was recognized at the early age of 17 when he created his debut match quite impressively. But due to his young age, he was insisted on more practice, but the selectors never left their eyes across him. The relentless bowler struck 21 wickets in Australia’s 4-0 victory in the series of 2017-2018. Unfortunately, many times his fortune did not come along, giving concurrent injures due to which he was defined as medically unfit to play in several significant matches.

He achieved many accomplishments in his career, such as:-

-Became the youngest fast bowler who played for New South Wales.

– He has set the highest record for playing ODI matches without getting dismissed.

-Until his time, nobody was ever given the award of “player of the match” in a day-night series except him.

Also, IPL did not lag behind in his list of matches. Initially, he represented Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and then currently, he is playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore. No doubt Hazelwood would have created multiple records and achievements up his name until the time he hung up his gloves. 

  • Junaid Khan:-

Following the retirement of Shoaib Akhtar, the legend, the team selectors were quite confused about the entry of significant bowlers who could bring change to the techniques. Junaid worked as a boon for the whole team. Earlier in his career, he used to play in the World Cup team in the year 2008 (under age 19), but for many years di not get the opportunity to be picked up in super 11. Then came the memorable India and Pakistan One Day International series of 2012, where Khan showed his true magic. He was Kohli’s nemesis at that point in time. The perfect release moment with the flex of the wrist to offer the ball the flick that gets it moving comes after the first hop at the commencement of the delivery stride, followed by a fluid racked up to the crease. The batter must quickly adapt to movement because of a strong wrist posture and fast bowling.

Some Records named to him are:-

– Selected for the world cup team of 2011, representing Pakistan at the international level.

– There happened 3 test matches in Sri Lanka where he smashed around 14 wickets at the astonishing rate of 21.78, twice taking five-fours and eventually receiving a phenomenal strike rate of 43 balls per wicket. This was the commencement of his unleashed fame.

  • Bhuvneshwar Kumar:- 

Bhuvneshwar was the one who struck out the great Sachin Tendulkar in the first duck in domestic cricket. He got in the eyes of selectors when he played his debut on Christmas Day in the year 2012. With a demonstration of pestering swing bowling in the shortest version of the game in batting-friendly conditions, this youthful prodigy was positively introduced to the world. Hovering the subsequent years, let’s come to the tri-nation series matches where Kumar amassed his level best of 4-8 figures. After giving outstanding scores to the team, he was entitled as the man of the series, hitting the most significant number of wickets. Bhuvneshwar stayed in the sideline team for death overs but couldn’t come in the front because of his losing techniques in his quest for pace. There. The higher seam of the Dukes let him produce tremendous movement in the air against the legendary English batting line-up, and he played brilliantly in the Test series in England in 2014, winning the series as the leading wicket-taker and getting his name up on the Lord’s honours board.

He continued to enhance his bowling skills and, by the time of the Champions Trophy, when he was selected to the fourth team, played his new weapon known as Yorker.


-Outstanding bowling analyses per innings, 

-Highest number of balls bowled in cricket career,

-Most maidens in an inning, 

-Entitled as the first Indian bowler ever to smash five wickets in all formats of cricket, whether it would be T20I, a test match or an ODI., and many more to his book of life.

Bowlers are a crucial part of any format of cricket. ICC champions trophy was introduced in order to revolutionize the world of cricket, but who would have known this might become a platform for the emergence of such successful personalities?

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