Earlier, there were only two variants of the Thai lottery; Thai Government Lottery (TGL) and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL). TGL used t come with a prize value of B2 million with a bonus of B30 million, and TCL with a jackpot of B3 million with a bonus of B22 million. However, with the advent of online lottery websites, you can buy tickets for an international lottery with huge jackpots. Any Thai citizen or foreigner above twenty can participate in the Thai lottery; on the other hand, TCL is held for a special philanthropic reason under special government permission.

Only individuals or entities registered with GLO are permitted to sell lottery tickets. All registered vendors must be above twenty. There are about fifteen thousand vendors in Bangkok, and around nineteen thousand in provinces, totaling around thirty-five thousand. Apart there are many legitimate online lottery websites, such as sagame1688, from where you can buy international lottery tickets. Any citizen can sell lottery tickets on behalf of the registered vendors with an identity issued by the vendor.

The Ticket

Thai lottery tickets consist of six numbers, printed on smooth yellow paper with a Wayupak (a mythological bird) watermark to prevent forged lottery tickets. Two silk threads are embedded in the ticket as a security feature, one visible other noticeable only under ultraviolet light. The ticket is covered with chemicals; a drop of bleach will create a stain; otherwise, no blot or stain will appear. The portrait of lottery tickets changes for every consecutive draw.

The lottery tickets are sold in pairs with a price tag of B80 set by the government. Mostly five pairs of each number is printed; occasionally, six copies are printed. The reason for printing tickets in pairs is if one wishes, he can gift a pair to a loved one to share the prize money. In the category of B3 prize money per ticket, if you own one pair, you will get double; B6 million. The more pair you possess, the more money you win.

How to Claim

Any prize you win equal to or less than B20, 000 can be redeemed through the vendor. Prize money above the specified limit must be claimed in person in the GLO office situated at 359, Nonthaburi Road, Tambon Tha Sai, Muang District. The GLO office will issue a check to the winner. The office is opened from 8:30 a.m to 3 p.m; from Monday to Friday. You must fill the claim form with the requisite information, along with the winning ticket. You must also furnish the information at the back of the ticket; thereupon, you will be provided with a queue number.

When asked to appear to claim the sagame1688 prize, you must exhibit the winning ticket along with a Thai ID card or passport if you are a foreigner. In case of winning the TGL lottery winning you have to pay a stamp duty of 0.5% on the winning amount, else1%stamp duty on TCL lottery winning. The stamp duty is subjected to all winning amounts, including prize money less than B20 000. The vendor deducts and pays the stamp duty on behalf of the client.

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