Baccarat is a renowned casino card game like poker and is gaining popularity among gambling geeks. The reason is that it is gaining popularity among gambling geeks due to its simple and logistic rules. Before coming to its rules, there is an anecdote that is quite fascinating. It is the story behind the origin of baccarat. The roots of this game are from Italy. It is an Italian folk tale in which the girl’s entire fate depended on the outcome of a die.

The story goes like this; if the die shows 8 or 9 as an outcome, she will be ordained by the honor of being a priestess for the rest of her life. If the die shows 6 or 7 on the outcome, she will be allowed to live but will be exempted from participating in any religious ceremony. The terrifying outcome is accompanied by a number below 7. If the die shows a number less than seven as an outcome, she will be thrown into the sea. This story marks the beginning of a game of baccarat (บาคาร่าand laid the foundation of rules of baccarat. Coming to the rules of baccarat, it is as follows.

  • In this, you have to bet either on the player or the banker. Both of them will have some cards, and that person will be considered the winner whose card total will be nearest to 9.
  • In case if the card total exceeds nine and, a double-digit number pops out. In this case, drop the first digit of the number, and you have to look upon the remaining number. The winner among banker or player will be decided based on the fact that who has the number closest to 9.
  • Another rule is when the card total of player or banker sums up to be less than five. In such a case, that person has to pick a card.
  • On the card, the total is equal to eight or nine. In such a case, it will be considered as a situation of a tie.

A Practical Guide To Ace The Game Of Baccarat 

When you place your bet on the banker, he won the game, which simply means you won the game. On this, you won’t get the complete amount of money. Five percent of the amount you won is the banker’s share, and you have to give it to him. Thus, many times, people do not place their bet on the banker, but it is a great mistake. Banker is a better choice to place your bet on most of the time.

The event that bankers will lose the game is highly unlikely to happen to stay on the safe side. It is advisable to place your bet on a banker, and not to do so to avoid giving him his five percent share is a dumb option.


Baccarat (บาคาร่า) is a great casino card game and can be a money spinner for you. All you have to do is to equip yourself with the basic knowledge of its rules.

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