First, we’ll go through the logic behind this slot machine approach. According to the hypothesis, the mathematical formula is not always as random as it should be. You’ve probably seen that you experience extended streaks of losses and then a few significant victories in a row. Certain patterns arise if you play a slot for a long enough period, according to the slot you are performing and which software providers you are using.

That is not accurate for every casino every slot, but it appears that some randomly generated generators behave like a roller coaster or a mountain range, whereby if you get higher enough and spin two spins rapidly enough apart, you may receive two spins at the top of the peak, that could equal two enormous winnings. In the time it has taken you to complete two spins, the mathematical formula will create hundreds of random numbers, so everything should be random, but in most cases it is. However, you may occasionally pit the RNG ox against each other.

Try before you purchase, and remember that keep practicing.

Now, like with any strategy, we always recommend that you test the theory in practice mode. You must test the hypothesis to determine if it works. You must discover the ideal slots and website for you – preferably one that pays quickly and offers a cashable bonus code. You must also master the skills. So, don’t risk real money until you’ve found the variant that works for you. IF you can make it work. If you can’t win to play the game, don’t attempt it for real.

Warning for Casinoes

  1. As with any way of attempting to defeat the casino, if they discover it, they will be furious.

Even if you are not breaking any laws, people will be upset if you beat them. Because of his accomplishment with this strategy, one of our authors now has two casinos shut his account.

  1. A strange incident happened in another casino that was tried. Now and again, the slot which was being tested crashed. However, only the actual money-form of the slot is available. It made no difference which browser was used and at the moment. The strange thing was that half of the time the slot crashed, it occurred on another spin as when the sample slot was spinning in a super mega large win. So a conspiracy hypothesis would be that the casino programmed their slots to identify when the RNG threw up a result that represented a massive jackpot and crash them! It is a happenstance that cannot be verified one way or the other, thus the casino in question will stay anonymous.

The simplest variation of this method is to put the demo slots ox on autoplay and use it to manage the duration of your real money slot. So you expect the demo slot will be the same as your actual cash slot. If you are a slot player who adapts their stake predicated on a run of 25, 50, 100, 200, or however many twirls without even a big win, so instead of wasting cash waiting for that run of damages and risking increased stakes, you let the preview mode do that work for you and activate the actual cash mode there at the point you would be going to raise your stake.

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