How you go after a poker session is what makes a difference between a strong and a weak player. A weak player will always play hands and easily forget; he or she put themselves in to some tough spot and will not make adjustments even with the evidence of past mistakes. On the contrary, the strong poker players analyze their past games, based on spots, and strategize on winning. They also try hard on eliminating any leaks and therefore their approach is multifaceted with a high probability of winning.

Following are some of the steps you should follow in analyzing your poker hands

Record hands

Any poker player who wants to win in poker must record their hand history. For live players, recording may be impossible but these should just record the notable hands and study afterward. Playing online poker with a site like 918kiss gives you an opportunity to explore helpful programs like Poker tracker, Holdem manager and such.

Take note of tough spots and prepare hand history

For easy reading, you should format your hand histories so that they appear the same every time. With a clear and consistent format, you’ll get a strategic feedback. Prepare a hand history; try identifying the tough spots- the ones that need analysis.

Run the numbers

Are you serious about poker? Then you should get a program that calculates equities. Programs like PokeStove, PokerEquilab and such can easily help you do this perfectly.

Be sensitive with your gut feeling

There are times you feel like you’re not in the moods of playing poker. This is not the right time to get on the table. Take your time; do other things- there is a likelihood that playing at that time would lead to a big loss. Before you try a spot, what does your intuition say? Following your intuition helps, you make a logical decision.

What kind of a personality are you?

Your personality will most likely influence your decision-making. This is even more real when playing poker.  Are you an optimist, a realist or a pessimist? That will determine your level of success in the game-big time. An optimist would easily take risks and thus ready to take any kind of hands. A pessimist would on the other hand be reluctant trying something new and would rather keep to their tact- these have low chances of winning and making losses.

Analyze and take notes

It’s always important to analyze your hands and whether you win or lose, sit and take notes on the results of your analysis. This will help you strategize and you’ll be better placed to win.

As a poker player, you must have a winning strategy. One of the most important things you need to do is to get reputable online poker site like agent 918kiss Malaysia, which will enable you several game tactics and allow you try as many hands as possible.

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