Are you one of those people who are constantly losing in the casinos? Well, don’t sweat it, it is not your fault, maybe Lady Luck has something in store for you.

In general, casino games are designed to provide income to bet365 casinos because it is a business after all. However, most newbie gamblers didn’t know that a few games can aid players to beat the house. It is only a matter of choosing the right one that has a low house edge.

Here are some of these games that actually have odds that are much in favor of you. 

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are one of the convenient forms of gambling. All you have to do is to buy a ticket and scratch away! Although the game is also the one with the highest house edge on this list, with a rate of 4%. 

Casino Poker

There are a lot of variations of poker that are existing today, each one of them has its own set of rules and game mechanics. However, some variants such as Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Stud actually have a low house percentage. 


Roulette is the most engaging game in the casino, and a decent land-based casino is disappointing if it doesn’t include roulette in its services. If you decide to play in one, just make sure that you pick the European variant as it has the lowest house advantage.


If you choose to play Keno, choose the online version as it has a lower house edge than its land-base counterpart which can yield to a 50% house advantage. 


Baccarat has a house edge that is almost 1%, this one is beneficial because the game has a lot to offer. You can play a few hands and you will still gain a few bucks along the way. 


It is ironic to put slots on this list considering that the game is generally known to have a huge house advantage. However, slots actually have a broad range of house edge percentage, not all slots have a huge edge value. Also, some titles have a medium variance, which means you can win more often. 

Live Games

Live casino games are very engaging, not only does it simulate the casino environment but it is also very convenient. These online games have a low house edge percentage of 0.71%, which is highly beneficial.


Craps are very much common in American casinos rather than in Asian ones. Either way, it is one the games that has a lower house edge, plus there are many craps strategies that you can try to help you win in your gaming sessions.

Video Poker

To the uninitiated, video poker actually is very different from the typical poker table game that we all know of. This is actually leaning towards the machine game category along with slots and keno. It is one of the games in the establishment that has the lowest house advantage—with only 0.4%.


If there is one game in the casino that really wants you to win, it is no other than blackjack. Hands down, it is the ultimate casino game that has the lowest house edge. 

Aside from the low percentage of house advantage, one of the benefits of playing the game is that its rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. It has an impressive rate of 0.13%, this game is definitely a go-to casino game.

Final Words

Both land-based and online casinos offer a variety of betting games. Although, not all of these will work in your favor. The key is to choose the one that really resonates with the kind of game that really works for you.

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