Slot machines and online slot games have been providing entertainment to people for a few centuries now. From your grandmother to your grandchild, slot machines still seem to hold a bright future ahead. Casinos have also made billions of dollars from slot games to build such a strong and lucrative industry. Online games are designed with very bright graphics to ensure that you never miss to see them. Even in the real world, slot machines are usually colored very brightly so that you don’t say that you didn’t see them in the casino.

However, it is very unfortunate how little information people actually understand about slot games and slot machines. That is why I will provide you here with a few facts so that you stay in the know, at least a little bit.

Slot machines go way back

Both slot machines and online slot games go way back even though they often look like they are a modern invention. The bright colors coupled with creative designs can easily fool you into thinking that slot machines were developed in the recent past, but then you would be very wrong. Slot machines were invented back in 1891. The first machine to be invented included a 52-card deck and as you might have guessed the game was played a little differently than it is today. Back in those days, if you wanted to play, you had to place a nickel into the machine and you would be paid depending on what poker hand the machine produced. The designers however, couldn’t decide what combinations the machine should produce in which payouts.

In 1895, a second invention was made by someone called Fey and this time, the machine resembled the machines we see and use today more closely. Fey’s machine included only 5 symbols instead of the 52-card deck. This made it much easier for the payouts to be standardized. This machine formed the basis for the modern slot machine.

Video killed mechanical slot machines

The invention of a version of slot machine that could run on electricity was invented in 1963, several years before the video component was incorporated into the machines. When the video component was finally incorporated into these machines in 1976, the global obsession with slot games took off, with people from most developed countries being the main players.

You need different amounts to play

With online slot games, you are able to see your bankroll on the screen and employ whatever bankroll management strategy you want. You can also gamble as much money as you prefer in every hand you play. Like in any gambling game, there are usually regulars who are a bit economical with how they spend their money and then there are the high rollers who can easily blow 10, 000 dollars in a single night. Online slot games allow for both categories of players to play as they please.

However, in land-based casinos, slot machines have to be made into two different types to cater for both groups of slot game players. There are penny slots which accept pennies and slot machines for high rollers which accept as high as 100 dollars as the lowest amount.

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