People love to play their favorite games in their leisure time. How you will feel if you will earn some money also for playing then it will be like “icing on the cake”. As of advancement in the technology and the internet online games become popular not only for enjoyment even it has become good source of earning money too.  Actually online gaming began on 1983. Nowadays game lovers can easily access the internet from anywhere and anytime. China stands first, United States stands second and if we talk about India it stands at third position in the game category. People can find online casino in India with rupees for gamers. There are numerous online money spinning games for game lovers. Let’s have a look on few famous online games and technology.

Online Card Games: If we talk about card games, it is one of the oldest means of entertainment in India from olden time. After the invention of an internet and smartphone, it can be played as online card games like rummy and teenpatti.

Spin and Win: It is the second famous gaming technology played by many people all over the world. It is one the famous games available in the maximum casinos not only in India even all over the world. Actually Online Roulette Casino Games features all the spinning action of slot machines. First time player got some bonus also in Online Roulette game

PUBG game: The today’s youth most demanding and played game is PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is multiplayer battle royal game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. This game is inspired by the Hollywood Japanese film “Battle Royale”. It has brought big revolution in the gaming world in recent years.

Except these three games there several other best gambling options offered by different websites for the people those who want to spin their money through gambling. But it is advisable that players must always go through genuine Gambling sites for fun and money both. Hence, the latest games are one of the most sought after options to gain delight and money to pass the time in good manner.

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