SA Powerball is the most prominent and hugely beloved lottery in South Africa that also enjoys quite impressive popularity in other world countries. While the main prizes that this lotto game pays to the luckiest winners are traditionally not as big as those of the US Powerball, the South African version fascinates SA and international bettors with its clear and simple structure, much lower ticket price, and much more favorable odds of winning a fantastically big reward. With the minimum top prize  in this lottery set to at least R3 million, it is hardly a surprise so many people are willing to try their luck at SA Powerball for a chance to change their lives for the better.

How to play SA Powerball?

The draws of the exciting South Africa Powerball national lottery take place twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30 pm SAST. The game is a double matrix lottery, meaning its structure comprises two sets of balls – the main set and the bonus one. To play SA Powerball, bettors need to pick five main balls in the range of 1 to 50 from the first set and a Powerball bonus number between 1 and 20 from the other one. Players whose chosen numbers match the ones drawn in the game are eligible for a prize payout. The top prize goes to bettors who manage to guess all 5+1 winning numbers correctly.

Players who choose to bet on lucky South Africa Powerball numbers online via convenient betting websites like YesPlay have the same chances of winning the top prize as those betting in-store. To win a prize payout, however, SA Powerball players must match all of their chosen numbers with the balls drawn in the game. Getting even one number out of three selected balls wrong, for example, will qualify as a loss.

Where to view the latest SA Powerball winning numbers?

The easiest and fastest way to check the latest SA Powerball results online is to do so on YesPlay. Coming to YesPlay spares bettors the need to stay in front of the TV throughout the entire live draw or listen to the radio broadcast, risking missing something important.

YesPlay keeps all game-related statistics current and updates the latest SA Powerball results and winning numbers as soon as the draw is over. This modern and user-friendly platform has all the tools and features necessary to help players find the information they are interested in – historical winning numbers, cold/hot numbers, draw dates and times – quickly and effortlessly.

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